who are webmatriks?
We’re a creative bunch. We’re the dreamers and the doers, the crazy and the kooky. We’re not completely normal and we kind of like that.
What we do

Our seasoned Development Teams build applications that fulfill user needs and Client requirements in a timely fashion.We believe that complex software should be built by small and cohesive teams of developers. True software craftsmen who are able to break down complex problems into manageable chunks of software. Teammates who work together for longer than just a project.

How We Do It

To get under the skin of your content, we match your project with the team members best-suited to it. We may be in digital marketing but we work human to human, so we’ll work closely with you to really get under the skin of your goals. You’ll notice that we don’t like to overcomplicate things – so we only use technical jargon if we’re going for a triple-word score in Scrabble. Where We Come From Born in 2006, we’ve gone from strength to strength as an agency, with lots of awards firmly under our belt. We were founded by Ben Norman – a pretty smart guy who knows a thing or two about digital marketing. You can find out more about him and the rest of our awesome Koozai family on the team page, jam-packed with industry experts and market specialists.

Project Process

Starting a project with Webmatrik is easy like A-B-C.

  • Get in touch

    After hearing about our amazing offer you decide to get in touch with us.

  • Brief

    We accept a comprehensive brief from you to give us a sense of direction on how we can help you.

  • Review

    At this stage we go through your brief and also have a preview on what has been done already to see how we can improve on it.

  • Proposal

    After we recieve brief from you and have done a thorough review on your project, we prepare a proposal that will suit your needs and goals.

Contact Us

We will like to hear from you.


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