The Emerging Trends of Software House in Dubai. Here's What You Need to Know!

Technology is projecting its massive impact on every field and in every region. Same is the case for the United Arab Emirates where technology inception is shaping the Middle East specially Dubai.  It is also vital to keep in mind that unlike every region that may not support the surge of technology, UAE’s Information Technology (IT) industry is supporting the technology expansion. This expansion is coming with the massive development and emerging trends witnessed in software houses in Dubai. Let’s immerse in the discussion and explore the Dubai software house from distinct spectrums.

Insights of Technology Sector in Dubai 2024

Before diving into investigating the fresh trends of software house in Dubai it is significant to understand the technology fabric of Dubai and it is it supporting the massive tech expansion. Besides, according to the insights from reputable source the forecasted market size of software as a service (SaaS) in UAE is expected to expand at a 27.92% CAGR approaching the staggering value of $30.52 billion by 2029. This information will also assist in evaluating the potential of the software house in Dubai.


Following the latest three developments through which technology atmosphere in Dubai can be understood.

  • Advanced Infrastructure
    The enhanced connectivity and the exclusive infrastructure is serving as a vital hub for software houses. This proximity includes the availability to multinational companies, regional headquarters and data centres. All of these are boosting the IT landscape of Dubai.
  • Government Support
    Investment in the knowledge driven economy and focusing on innovation is evident in Dubai. The major initiative like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis, are evidence that Dubai is welcoming entrepreneurs in technology sector including software houses.
  • Business Friendly Environment
    The business-friendly environment of Dubai is contributing in developing software houses and is also supporting the emergence of major trends of technology in Dubai. Post-Covid-19 era has arrived with noticeable changes.

Now, as we are aware of how technology is playing a major and contributing role in technology segment of Dubai, it is the time to explore the major emerging trends of software house in Dubai.

Emerging Trends of Software House in Dubai

Following are the five major trends evolving in Dubai that are shaping and projecting positive impact on the economy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing trend is surging in the software houses of Dubai driven mainly by the covid-19 pandemic. One of the data insights revealed that around 90% of the large scale enterprises have already incorporated multi-cloud infrastructure.

Small medium enterprises (SMEs) are also investing heavily in the context of cloud computing. The trend of cloud computing is positively influencing the operations in Dubai by simplifying

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence



The significant growth in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is growing at a staggering rate with estimated value of $949.80 billion by the year 2040.

According to Gulf News source UAE businesses including Dubai is accepting and welcoming technology with arms wide open. Following are some of the real life example UAE have adopted in this context.

  • Emirates NBD implemented AI-powered chatbots
  • Virtual assistants to streamline customer support
  • AI to automate routine processes
  • DEWA has deployed AI-powered drones to monitor and maintain its solar panels
  • Majid Al Futtaim has incorporated AI-powered suggestion engines into its e-commerce platforms

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is another major and emerging trend in the Software House in Dubai. There are uncountable companies in the respective region that are opting for this solution including Iot software solution, cloud solutions, and big data in 2024.

Low-Code Development

The low-code development is the major trend embraced by various companies in Dubai. Through the use of this technology extensive application can be developed without complex understanding of the coding. 

Internet of Things (IoT)



Internet of Things (IoT) includes vast global network that incorporates the various devices including wearable, commercial equipment, smart phones and more. IoT trends in software house of Dubai expanding.

Digital Marketing

One more evident trend in software sector Dubai is digital marketing. There are various Digital marketing services in UAE offering software solutions.

It is crucial to offer Best Digital marketing services in Dubai leading to a positive image building of software houses in Dubai.

Challenge Dubai is Facing in Software Segment

In this context of technology and emerging trend it has been identified that the skill gap is the major issue. Due to this the only solution is to hire the best software house service in Dubai.


The technology sector Dubai is expanding exponentially and the evidence of it is the real-rime incorporation of technology.  These trends are generating from the software houses in Dubai including AI, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, digital transformation, low-code development and IoT. Besides, Dubai is also supporting the technology trends emergence in software houses by developing supportive infrastructure, investing in initiatives and developing technology cities. 

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