Why Bitrix24 CRM is Important for Your Business

A business has various activities and a hub of numerous tasks. Managing these tasks with efficiency is not only difficult but crucial for business. Here comes the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in play. This robust software product CRM is exclusive and offers management of the tasks without any hassle. The CRM system serves as a hub of activities, which are organized and managed to make valuable insights for the different stakeholders. Further CRM can collect and manage all the significant information about the stakeholders. Today, we look into the features offered by Bitrix24 CRM, to ensure that you invest in it.

Bitrix24 CRM Importance for Your Business

Let’s discuss the features of CRM and how it can help in your business. Although every CRM is customizable, some of the features in CRM are:

  • Storing customer information
  • Identifying sales
  • Recording service issues
  • Managing marketing campaigns
  • Customer service
  • Social media monitoring

Now, let’s discuss the features of Bitrix24 CRM to evaluate its potential and its benefits for your business.

Connect your Marketing, Sales and Analytics Through Bitrix24 CRM

There are numerous functions Bitrix24 CRM performs. Some of the basic functions through which Bitrix24 CRM can benefit your business include:

  1. Acquiring leads
  2. Receiving payments
  3. Managing inventory
  4. E-sign documents
  5. Enhancement of customer engagement
  6. Growing customer retention
  7. Tracking sales

Experience Complete Automation

According to the analysis, approximately 82% of organizations use CRM for their process automation. This indicates business automation through CRM is significant. You can also automate your business completely through Bitrix24 CRM automation. This top-notch CRM will automate client notifications via SMS, customizable triggers, move leads, manage sales, and automate notifications to deal with the status of sales reps.

Artificial Intelligence Integrated

For every business marketing is critical and making a poor marketing campaign will directly influence the sales. Bitrix24 CRM services use free AI-power CoPilot that will create exclusive marketing campaigns, transcribe calls, forecast sales and create compelling marketing content. In this way, it will enable your business to strengthen its marketing aspect.

Omni-channel Communication

As your business expands you will be acquiring customers from various channels including social media platforms, live, web form, live, messenger and telephony. Bitrix24 CRM integration services will proceed with every message to the contact centre and turn it into a lead.

Task and Project

Managing tasks and projects is one of the everyday and significant activities for your business. Analysis showed that approximately 70% of the project failed. Further. 42% of organizations are unable to realize the significance of CRM and its role in task and project management.

Following are some of the major activities Bitrix24 CRM perform related to task and project management.

Task management

Task tracking

API and integrations

Project management

Employee performance

Mobile tasks

Project collaboration


CoPilot in Tasks & Projects


Increased Collaboration Between Team

For your business, it is significant to focus on team collaboration enhancement. This will benefit your business in terms of increased productivity, problem-solving, develop employee engagement. Conflict resolution and develop collaborative culture. Following are some of the primary collaboration features Bitrix24 CRM services offer to make your connection with your team interactive.

Online workspace

Online documents and file storage


Shared calendars

Online meetings

Mobile communications

CoPilot in chat


Efficient Operations Management

Another important task Bitrix24 CRM performs is the management of the store and sites for your business. One of the major benefits of this service you will gain is the effective monitoring and operations management for your business. Following are the primary and major activities Bitrix24 CRM offers in the context of stores and site management.

Website Builder

Social selling

Website forms

Landing pages

Online store

Mobile websites and online stores

Website widget

Online marketing tools

CoPilot in Sites and stores


Improved Human Resources Planning

Managing Human resources is one of the basic and crucial activities for your business.  Poor HR management will lead to employee conflicts, inadequate training, poor team collaboration and lack of recognition. However, you will not face any of these if you incorporate Bitrix24 CRM into your business.

Following are The HRM-Related Activities it Will Perform for Your Business:


Employee engagement

Information management

Mobile HR

Culture and engagement

Work management

Automation & CoPilot in Feed

Internal communication



For every business managing tasks and projects is crucial and leads to substantial growth. However, evident from the analysis that due to the lack of realization CRM adoption is less. However, a robust system of CRM will eventually help you grow your business. Bitrix24 CRM incorporation in your business will lead to the benefits of efficient operations, increased employee engagement, effective customer retention, increased leads, and more benefits. Acquire Bitrix24 CRM services today to make your business completely automated and dynamic.

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